Too often, consumers purchase products that look nice or have a low price tag, but will not satisfy their needs. For this reason, it’s important to ask the right questions before purchasing a new product, such as an inkjet Compaq printer. Here are several questions that you may want to ask before purchasing your next Compaq inkjet printer.

1. Will it fulfill my printing needs? Before you even visit the store to purchase a new Compaq inkjet, determine how you will use the printer and what functions it should have. For example, do you need double-sided printing? Will you print a lot of photos? Is an automatic document feeder important to you? Do you need an all-in-one Compaq inkjet offering print, scan, copy, and fax features? Would you like the printer to have an LCD screen for easy printing? It’s smart to know exactly what you want before hearing a salesperson’s quick sale.

2. How fast can it print? Typical black and white print speeds for an inkjet Compaq printer range anywhere from 12 pages per minute to the upper thirties. Color printing speeds are typically slower. The quicker the print speed, the more efficient the printer.

3. What is the resolution? The resolution of an inkjet Compaq printer tells you the quality of a print at the highest setting. Inkjet resolution is measured in dots per inch. The more dots per inch, the better the resulting image. A typical resolution for an inkjet Compaq printer is 1,200 dots per inch.

4. How does it connect? This is a good question to ask if you need multiple connection options. Back in the day, most Compaq inkjet printers only offered a parallel port connection. Now, many Compaq inkjets also offer USB, Ethernet, and WiFi connections.

5. Is set up easy? For those of us who are not the “techy” type, it’s important to purchase an inkjet Compaq printer that is easy to set up and maintain. This includes initial installation, loading paper, and changing its cartridges.

6. What is the maximum monthly duty cycle? If you expect to print a high volume of pages each month, be sure to inquire about the Compaq inkjet printer’s duty cycle, which identifies the maximum number of pages the printer can handle in one month.

Now for a Few Questions About its Ink Cartridges

7. What is the duty cycle of its ink cartridge? This is an important question that is often overlooked. Determining how many pages each cartridge can yield helps you figure the cost to maintain the printer. The more pages a cartridge can produce, the the better!

8. Will the ink fade? Smearing and fading is a frustrating problem with some inkjets. Some printers use inexpensive ink that quickly fades after printing. To check for smearing, print a test page and then run your finger across the page to see if it smears.

9. Are the replacement ink cartridges expensive? Compaq inkjet printers can be surpisingly inexpensive; however, replacement ink cartridges are known to be overpriced. You don’t want to purchase a 65 dollar Compaq inkjet printer that requires replacement cartridges costing 30 bucks apiece. That’s simply not cost-effective.

If you’re looking to find the lowest-priced Compaq ink for your printer, go online to a reliable ink supplier and ask about their remanufactured Compaq ink. Remanufactured ink is 50 percent less expensive than retail printer cartridges. Plus,  AiBoo   are recycled, making them an eco-friendly way to print. Before purchasing a new Compaq inkjet printer, make sure that the specific printer in question offers remanufactured replacement ink!

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