There are 2 kinds of ferrous pipe that are commonly used today. First is the galvanized steel pipe, which is slightly cheaper. The other one is wrought-iron pipe, which is more resistant to corrosion.

Methods Of Measuring Threaded Pipes In Plumbing Installations

End to End – This means that the measurement is done from one end of a piece of pipe to the other end.

End to Centre – This is the measurement from one end of the pipe to the fitting’s centre on the other end of the pipe.

Centre to Centre – This is done by measuring from the fitting’s centre on one end of a piece of pipe to the centre of the fitting on the other end
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. This method is often used by someone who is very much familiar with the use of pipe

The Best Pipe Threader

Today, there is an easy to use tool that simply attaches to a regular driver or wrench. It can thread metal pipes with either a 20mm or a 25mm diameter. This will certainly give you the ease of carrying a pipe threader along with driver in the same piece of kit. Experts say that included in this kit is a guide.

What is great about this advanced pipe threader is that it can work off a minimum of 50 bumps per second. The end result is of the same standard than that of traditional threading. Also, you do not actually need the traditional method of 2 turns forward and 1 back. Rather, it will keep going forward until you have reached your desired length. With this, you will definitely save at least half of your time. Make sure though to add lots of oil before threading.

In case the die eventually wears, you do not actually need to buy a new unit. All you need to do is to replace the die. Be aware that the dies and guides can be interchanged and replaced easily and quickly.

When it comes to assembling and disassembling this pipe threader, you just need to place the die inside the holder and secure it by screwing the guide and holder close. With a 13mm socket, the unit can be attached to a wrench or driver. There are times when the guides might be tightened. Just put the tool into reverse mode and place a screwdriver through the two holes in the top of the guide. After that, press the trigger until it loosens.

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